Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since I last posted, Mom had a kitten. Having had some kittens myself, I know a little of what she went through, so I was kept pretty busy this past year overseeing her pregnancy. I had to be there to sniff her and comfort her when she went through some of the worst parts. But, she didn't even invite me to the birthing box! I didn't know right away that she brought the kitten home with her, but ran to meet her at the door. When I saw it, sleeping in the little chair they call a carseat, well! I was immediately on high alert, and sure enough! That little baby took ALL of mom's attention! She even used her special voice to talk to it. I sulked and schemed for a few hours, but then I had to fight Skimble, because the pecking order had been called into question with this new human in the house. Luckily for Skimble, it only took a couple days for me to convince him that I was STILL the BOSS! Now that I'm more resigned to it, I get to be the boss of the kitten too, though. If the kitten cries, I get to yell at it, and at Mom to get her to do something about it. However, this kitten seems to be a quiet one, and Mom gives me some special attention time when it's sleeping, so I guess I'm ok with it staying for now. I just hope that Mom quits saying "See the kitty?" soon! Purrs

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long time no post

Well, it's been a while since my little paws could get near a keyboard! It's been a crazy year, as last August, we all moved to a different state. Then, just this last July, Mom got married! Now we have a Dad, and it's taken some getting used to for us as we have had two new houses this last year! I have had many experiences to type about, of course, but I didn't have access to the computer until things settled down a bit. Mom and Dad take me lots of places, to the park, boating, out for dinner and car rides, and just around. Some things I liked more than others. Boating was fun, until I realized that all the blue grass was actually water! Whoa! And, of course, Dad liked going faaassstt in the boat, and I would have preferred just floating for a bit. I LOOOVVVED going down the twisty slide in the park though, that was lots of fun. Even though there were dogs and kids, I walked good on my leash and harness and went down the slide and tripped Dad, and had tons of fun! I was still happier walking back to the car than going from it, though. I will try to write better accounts of things that have happened as I can. I gotta keep Mom and Dad ignorant of my online adventures! Purrs everyone!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Snowmen suits

Mom thinks that dressing my brother and I alike is a good idea. Actually, we don't mind the dressing up, toooooo much, but the taking of the pictures is a different story.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Petco Outing

This weekend, the new Petco store opened here. Mom wanted to go, but it was a gloomy rainy day. I was simply sticking close to her for warmth, and the next thing I know she's asking if I want to go with her somewhere. Well, usually that's my cue to run for cover, but I guess I wasn't fully awake or something this time, because I followed her back to the room, and sat there while she put my harness on. Since it was raining, she put on my jacket as well. I pitched a fit about it when we were in the car, but once we got there it was really pretty fun! There was a LOT of people around, but we were able to attract enough attention that I had a group of admirers right away. Mom took off my coat so I could show off my spots, and we educated the ignorant masses about my breed. You wouldn't believe the number of ridiculous stories that go around about bengals! The funniest thing that happened is when this stupid lady went by spouting about how dangerous and wild bengals are, and even though Mom tried to correct her, she just kept carrying on and on. Well, this cool man came by carrying a baby, and he goes, "Oh! Is that a bengal!?" When Mom told him yeah, he stuck his baby right out and said, "See the pretty kitty, honey?" To the horror of the stupid lady, I just stuck my nose right out towards the baby and gave her a whisker kiss. She laughed and sort of petted me (babies aren't so good at coordination, so it was more like she kind of hit/touched me, but I know she meant to be gentle so I didn't mind.) and giggled. Mom was happy, and talked with the cool man for a bit and then we moved on leaving the stupid lady to wallow in her own abashed pity. I got my portrait taken, and the lady taking the pictures wasn't a very good photographer. She never got my eyes open, and to get my attention from the dogs all around, she hissed at me. Even when Mom tried to tell her that wasn't the best way to calm me down, she just kept doing it. So, I looked terrified in most of the pictures and Mom didn't want to buy any. We went and saw all the birds and fishes, but I was too busy being petted by tons of kids to notice much. Then, finally, Mom took me to the Kitty City part of the store, and I got to PLAY on all the cat furniture. That's really my favorite part of going, anyway. I zoomed around through tunnels, and over and under things and crawled the length of the shelving without once leaving the carpet. I dangled off the edges of things, and crawled along the sides of things like spiderman. I am one cool coordinated cat! Ha ha ha! It was fun. All in all, outings aren't always a pain! :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sleeping Arrangements

I like soft things to sleep on. I don't like to be cold, or kicked, or uncomfy when I snooze. I think the perfect place to snatch a nap is right by my Mom, curled up between her limbs to feel surrounded by warmth and safety. She moves around too much sometimes, but I can usually snuggle in somewhere after she's fallen asleep. The only thing I must be wary of is where my siblings are sleeping. I've relegated Sweetie to the floor, because I'm the Queen, and the bed is my own! Skimbleshanks, on the other hand, is a little more forward and aggressive, and so I must resort to just kicking him out of his spot three or four times before he finally leaves. Sometimes he comes back, though, and if he behaves and stays in his own area way down on the foot of the bed, I'll allow him to stay. Every pillow that Mom has is MINE! If she would just realize that and quit trying to keep them for herself the nights would be a lot easier. She has the whole mattress! My beds are the pillows! Fortunately, I've managed to cover the body pillow with my hair and Mom left it for me to have for myself. Just two more pesky pillows to go and they'll all be mine!

Monday, August 21, 2006


My tummy has been improving, but I'm still on medicine every other day. I'm sick of taking it! :( I am now on a campaign to spit that yukky pink stuff all over Mom when she gives it to me, in order to voice my protests. I've also taken to begging at the table. It might give her the clue that I'm not so fond of liver and kidney for dinner. I only really like the chicken, and Skimble hogs it all the time! Otherwise, I'm just keeping up my meowing campaign. Hee hee.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Weekends are bliss. They are my time to be with my humans exclusively. They don't have to run off to that place called work, and we can sleep late. I like to lay on my pillow and watch the sun slanting through the shade. I can see the patterns of the plants growing outside, and occasionally a sparrow will come close and hop around a bit. If I walk across Mom's head, and get on the dresser, I can squeeze between the shade and the window, and have a whole glorious world of sun all to myself. Later, Mom will be busy with other things, but in the afternoon, she usually sits for a bit, and I can be with her and purr on her lap. It's just fun to have humans around!